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Copy Microcontroller PIC18F2480 Program

We can Copy Microcontroller PIC18F2480 Program, please view the Microcontroller PIC18F2480 features for your reference:

This family of devices offers the advantages of all PIC18 microcontrollers – namely, high computational performance at an economical price – with the addition of high-endurance, Enhanced Flash program memory.

In addition to these features, the PIC18F2480 family introduces design enhancements that make these microcontrollers a logical choice for many high-performance, power-sensitive applications. All of the devices in the PIC18F2480 family incorporate a range of features that can significantly reduce power consumption during operation before Copy Microcontroller PIC18F2480 Program.

Key items include:

  • Alternate Run Modes: By clocking the controller from the Timer1 source or the internal oscillator block, power consumption during code execution can be reduced by as much as 90%.
  • Multiple Idle Modes: The controller can also run with its CPU core disabled but the peripherals still active. In these states, power consumption can be reduced even further, to as little as 4% of normal operation requirements.
  • On-the-Fly Mode Switching: The power-managed modes are invoked by user code during operation, allowing the user to incorporate power-saving ideas into their application’s software design when Copy Microcontroller PIC18F2480 Program
  • Extended Instruction Set: In addition to the standard 75 instructions of the PIC18 instruction set, PIC18F2480 devices also provide an optional extension to the core CPU functionality.
  • The added features include eight additional instructions that augment indirect and indexed addressing operations and the implementation of Indexed Literal Offset Addressing mode for many of the standard PIC18 instructions when Copy Microcontroller.