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Copy Chip SN8P2211 Secured Program

We can Copy Secured Program from SN8P2211 Flash, please view the chip SN8P2211 Features for your reference:

For SN8P2211 devices, the WDT is driven by the INTRC source. When the WDT is enabled, the clock source is also enabled. The nominal WDT period is 4 ms and has the same stability as the INTRC oscillator. The 4 ms period of the WDT is multiplied by a 16-bit postscaler. Any output of the WDT postscaler is selected by a multiplexer, controlled by bits in Configuration Register 2H. Available periods range from 4 ms to 131.072 seconds (2.18 minutes). The WDT and postscaler are cleared when any of the following events occur: a SLEEP or CLRWDT instruction is executed, the IRCF bits (OSCCON<6:4>) are changed or a clock failure has occurred when Copy Chip SN8P2211 Secured Program.

Register 23-14 shows the WDTCON register. This is a readable and writable register which contains a control bit that allows software to override the WDT enable configuration bit, but only if the configuration bit has disabled the WDT. The Two-Speed Start-up feature helps to minimize the latency period from oscillator start-up to code execution by allowing the microcontroller to use the INTOSC oscillator as a clock source until the primary clock source is available. It is enabled by setting the IESO configuration bits. Two-Speed Start-up should be enabled only if the primary oscillator mode is LP, XT, HS or HSPLL (crystal-based modes). Other sources do not require an OST start-up delay; for these, Two-Speed Start-up should be disabled if Copy Chip SN8P2211 Secured Program.

When enabled, Resets and wake-ups from Sleep mode cause the device to configure itself to run from the internal oscillator block as the clock source, following the time-out of the Power-up Timer after a Power-on Reset is enabled. This allows almost immediate code execution while the primary oscillator starts and the OST is running. Once the OST times out, the device automatically switches to PRI_RUN mode.

To use a higher clock speed on wake-up, the INTOSC or postscaler clock sources can be selected to provide a higher clock speed by setting bits IRCF2:IRCF0 immediately after Reset. For wake-ups from Sleep, the INTOSC or postscaler clock sources can be selected by setting the IRCF2:IRCF0 bits prior to entering Sleep mode. In all other power managed modes, Two-Speed Start-up is not used. The device will be clocked by the currently selected clock source until the primary clock source becomes available. The setting of the IESO bit is ignored after COPY MICROCONTROLLER.